In support of our client’s business goals, MetUAV offers solutions ranging from complete turn-key small UAV/drone systems to development of specialized remote sensing payloads carried on board small unmanned aerial platforms.

Our industrial-grade, UAV systems provide an autonomy of 2-6 hours of a fixed wing aircraft and are customized to fit our client’s needs. These robust platforms are capable of supporting a variety of missions, from weather observations to supporting survey crews in the field and beyond.

Our solutions strictly follow Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) regulations for commercial operations in the U.S. air space.

Additional MetUAV services include:

  • Third-party payload integration and testing
  • UAV systems and components integration
  • Remote sensing data processing, visualization and reporting
  • Technical consulting and support

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Earth Science Research

  • Interoperability studies of aerosols in the atmosphere
  • Satellite validation measurements
  • Scientific field campaigns
  • Multispectral imaging of coasts and river-ocean interfaces
  • Forest growth monitoring

Industrial Applications

  • Cell phone tower inspections
  • Pipeline inspections and monitoring
  • Oil exploration


  • Emergency communications
  • Search and Rescue