MetUAV develops next generation image compression algorithms to enable live video feeds from a multispectral camera onboard unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). This proprietary technology is a result of years of research in the subject of telecommunications and image compression algorithms, in addition to published work in scientific journals.

Our technology addresses inspection, measurements and detection of environmental challenges associated with activity in our served markets. Here are a few examples of our activity:

  • In weather research:
    • We improve the understanding of climate change by collecting data in support of ongoing research by federal agencies and commercial operations.
    • We provide analyzed results rather than raw data
    • We participate in scientific field experiments with specialized payloads
  • In the telecommunications industry:
    • We enhance cell tower inspection and study better ways of providing communications in remote locations.
    • We provide multispectral imaging compression software for providing real-time data links to ground stations.

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Areas of Expertise

Air Measurements

  • Tropospheric aerosols studies
  • Radiative forcing measurements
  • Pressure, temperature, relative humidity and wind measurements

Ground Measurements

  • Topography
  • Coastal mapping
  • Environmental studies

Customized UAV platforms and payloads

  • Systems Integration
  • Testing (Laboratory and Field)